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6 tips to help in your next business negotiation

Negotiation skills are important in your day-to-day personal interactions as well as formal business transactions. In any situation, a successful negotiation requires two parties coming together and finalizing on an agreement that is acceptable to both.

The right set of interpersonal and communication skills are needed to be able to negotiate successfully. Here are six effective tips to help you with your next business negotiation.


1. Know your client well

Before going out, do a thorough study of your client’s business and behaviour. It is important to understand where your client comes from, his background and the industry served in order to understand his requirements. A holistic view of your client would give you the platform to make the right moves.


2. Be prepared with your pitch

Half the work is done if you present your pitch well. The more your client takes a liking to your pitch, the easier it is to negotiate. While preparing your pitch, not only do you need to know your offering but also of your rivals’ to make your pitch stands out from the rest.

It's a good idea to go through the pitch a couple of times before meeting the client to ensure it’s fool proof.


3. Listen and understand

Sometimes it is best to keep your ears open and understand the pain points of your clients. It might give you an insight into what they are really looking for and know how you can actually offer effective solutions. Knowing what is really important to them, can go a long way in helping you negotiate well.


4. Create a win-win situation

Don't be fixated on the best outcome. Be ready to negotiate and work with the other party. A win-win situation can help you in not only getting you the deal but also in establishing a long-term business relationship.

This might not land you the best offerbut get you a good deal and a new business relationship to look forward to.


5. Be realistic

Being realistic and sympathizing with the other party can create relations that will outlast the short-term profits you would gain from a good deal. Financial constraints will be something that both of you will have in common. Keep this in mind when making an offer.


6. Aim high

You might not be the best player in the market with the best offerings but that doesn’t mean you should undersell yourself and mark your products and services below their real value. Be assertive and optimistic about your position and it will help you make a successful negotiation.

Good negotiations can contribute significantly to business success. They help you build better relationships, foster long-term commitments and help you avoid future problems and conflicts. At the same time, it helps in business expansion and growth

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