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Accelerate business growth by empowering your women employees

The male-female ratio in the workforce all over the world reveals an encouraging trend with more and more women entering the workspace in various capacities. More women in private establishments are equipped with talents to innovate, engage, push up profits, and assist in the progress of the business in significant ways.

Harnessing this talent-pool in launching cutting-edge business strategies to guide the business to profits and growth is wise indeed. Here are a few ways in which women employees may be empowered which in turn can lead to business growth.


Ensuring gender parity

Ensuring that women employees in an organisation are paid salaries on par with their male counterparts, are given fair appraisal reports, considered for promotions when deserving, respected for their job performance irrespective of their gender, will lead to a more healthy and fair workplace. This can ensure better morale and productivity thereby helping businesses grow in the right direction.


Employing women in high posts

Women bosses have proven to be natural leaders, nurturing growth, negotiating hurdles, and adding strength to all dealings of an organisation. Hire appropriately trained women employees to handle crucial posts in the organisation and watch as they strive confidently forward, empowered to take major decisions, guiding work processes to ensure substantial profits in the long run.


Professional development opportunities

Encouraging women personnel through employer-sponsored professional courses is a sure way to equip them with the skills to work in better ways for positive business returns. This also works as an advantage for the business because they are creating a workforce that is skilled and aligned with the business goals of the company.


Make the workplace safe

With the #Metoo movement reaching an all-time peak, it is imperative for workplaces to adhere to strict and stringent policies to make it a safe place for women employees. The worry about being targeted can eat into valuable work time. If these things are handled at the management level and women employees are made to feel secure at all times, it will add to their overall productivity.


Flexible and accommodating facilities

A more inclusive environment can go a long way in retaining women employees. Having flexible work hours, crèche facilities for baby care, longer maternity and paternity leaves for employees to ensure both partners contribute to the work-life balance can be beneficial in the long run. When these domestic responsibilities are taken care of, women employees can concentrate and churn out better work.

These are just some of the changes companies can incorporate to make life easier for women employees. Apart from this, corporates could also conduct a survey among their female employees to understand real-time problems and give a mutually agreeable solution.

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