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Who can avail of Agri Loans
  • Farmers, Orchard Owners, Dairy Owners , Horticulturists
  • Partnership Firms & Private Ltd. Companies in Agri-Value Addition Segments like Food Processing
How much finance can I avail of ?

You can borrow upto 70%~ 75% of your planned investment in Agri-Assets depending upon credit assessment.

What are the tenure options?

Agri- loans range from a minimum of 6 months up to a maximum of 7 years.

How long will it take to process the loan?

Loans are processed within 7-12 working days of completing full documentation.

Do I need a guarantor?

Yes a guarantor is essential and depending upon the applicant – guarantor would be :

  • For sole applicant - one adult family member to be co-applicant.
  • Partners / Promoter Directors will be taken as co-applicant in case of Partnership / Pvt ltd co. respectively
Do I have the option of pre-paying the entire loan amount?

Yes. One can pre-pay the loan at any time after 6~12 months of availing of the loan. Appropriate charges would be applicable as pre-notified.

How do I repay the loan ?

You can make part pre-payments of a minimum amount of Rs 50,000 after 6 months from the date of first disbursement of the loan. This payment can be made only once in a financial year subject to a maximum of 25% of the balance outstanding against your loan amount at the start of the financial year.

How do I repay the loan ?
  • Electronic Clearing System (ECS) OR
  • Post dated cheques (PDCs)
What are the stages involved in availing a loan?

The stages involved are:

  • Application
  • Processing
  • Documentation
  • Sanctioning of the loan
  • Disbursement

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