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As a business owner this is why you should be looking for strong support systems

As a business owner, you face many demands on your time. From planning the next big launch of a promising new product line to executing flawlessly on key deliverables, you need a long-term strategy to stay on top of complex business decisions.

Entrepreneurs need strong support systems to help them be proactive and responsive to change in the increasingly complex business environment of today.

There are many elements that are crucial to building a strong support system for business success. These can be broadly categorized into four categories- People, Product, Positioning and Process.



For your business to thrive, building expertise through strategic hiring is a priority. A strong team with the right combination of skills, talent and competencies is the foundation on which the success of your business depends. As an entrepreneur, your role is that of a facilitator and enabler of ideas and innovation.

Equipping the right people with the authority and freedom to implement their ideas can help you not only fill critical gaps in your current business strategy but also help you stay ahead of the competition.

For example, to take advantage of an emerging business opportunity, you may need the right mentors to validate your ideas, investors to fund aggressive growth plans and passionate team members to translate your business vision into tangible products and services.



It is essential for the team to be on the same page with regards to planning and executing your business strategy. Having a clearly defined process helps increase accountability and ensures the optimum allocation of resources within the time and cost constraints that the business operates in. Such processes can reduce the time taken to arrive at decisions, streamline service delivery and improve cost-effectiveness.

Processes that automate routine workflows such as payroll and accounting, sales and marketing, inventory management and customer support can be invaluable to the success of your business. For example, there are several project management tools that help you estimate, allocate and optimize the utilization of your resources and reduce operating costs.



To fulfil the primary business objective of earning profits, a competitive product strategy is indispensable. It can help you reduce time and cost overruns. A balanced product strategy facilitates continuous product improvement throughout its lifetime. To assess the market potential of a newly developed product, you need a clearly defined system that can help you identify shortcomings, develop marketing strategies and target new markets.

While product development invariably involves a fair bit of trial and error, identifying key metrics can help you go from initial design and prototyping to limited scale testing to product launch in a relatively short period of time. To gain the crucial first-mover advantage, a coherent product development strategy is vital.

For example, systems like Agile can help you compress product design and development timeframes to bring about significant time and cost savings.



To get your product on the shelves and into the hands of paying customers, you need a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy. Matching key product attributes to customer needs can help you lower marketing expenditure and reach the break-even point much faster.

For example, using customer personas and adopting a ‘crawl-walk-run’ approach to product positioning can help you build lifelong relationships with your customers.

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