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Biometric scan be a gamechanger for your small business

Passwords and pins are now passé. Biometrics has undoubtedly taken various industries by storm with its commendable precision and accuracy. It can play a key role in your business as well. It has effectively compensated for all kinds of identification and security methods like RFID cards and even complex-but-hackable passwords.
Here’s how it can be a gamechanger for your business:



The biggest difficulty small businesses face is cost. There are tons of investments, commitments, debts and upfront costs for businesses which severely impacts their revenue and even pushes to alter business models at times. Biometric is a cost-effective security method which can significantly reduce investments.

Fingerprint scanners, facial recognition, palm recognition are all various kinds of biometricsolutions that can be efficiently used in place of complex hardware security systems. A one-time easy installation process is all it takes for biometrics scanners to get activated.


Easy authentication

Businesses often require their employees to change their passwords every fortnight or on a regular basis. The need for complex passwords or authentication methods is a forced but crucial task. With each individual data being unique,biometrics provide a hassle-free way for easy authentication.

Replication of biometric records is extremely complicated which leaves little room for any duplication or forged data. Also, the systems are armed with high sensitivity detectors to identify even the slightest change from the original or recorded data to sound an alarm.


Time attendance

You can track attendance for each employee with high precision using biometrics. The clock in and clock out time for every individual is recorded which will eliminate time theft.

It is often times observed that employees punch in wrong times for their breaks and even increase their working hours by punching their ID cards at times that deviate from their actual working hours. It can also be used to prevent buddy punching in offices andwhen you save your company’s time, you save money and thereby provide better working conditions for your employees.


Improved compliance

A biometrics scanner significantly improves your company’s credibility with respect to employment laws. You can track and save records of your employees easily with biometrics.

In case of any business audits where individual data needs to be pulled out, biometrics can play a chief role in extracting the requisite information in a short span of time. Biometrics time attendance system includes PTO tracking software, FMLA software tracking and absence software tracking.

The easy use of biometrics has made it prevalent worldwide. From start-ups to small businesses to large multinational firms, every business has its inclination towards biometrics scanners.Biometrics is a reliable system where personal data cannot be compromised or tampered with. It is a highly secure system trusted by many well-reputed organizations all over the world.

Nonetheless, biometrics is completely affordable and improves time attendance accuracy which makes it a win-win system for various businesses. Avail easy finance to install these systems and enhance your data integrity with business expansion loan from Reliance Money.