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Essential car accessories that you must have

Car accessories are basically add-on features that accentuate the utility, convenience, safety and aesthetic appeal of your car. Although present day car manufacturers equip their car models with the standard accessories kit, it is important for you, as a car owner or soon-to be car owner, to know about the important car accessories that will actually impact the functionality and longevity of your car.

This list of indispensible 10 add-on features will take care of your entire accessory needs: -

1. Mud Flaps And Matting

Mud flaps are essential for your car since they prevent dust and mud from settling on your car’s body. A durable mud flap will cost you somewhere around INR 500 to INR 1600. It is best to fix rubber mats under the seats, as they are easier to clean and last longer. A good set of rubber mats can be brought within INR 1000.



2. Reverse Parking Sensor And Camera

Reverse and parking wouldn’t be a headache once you install reverse parking sensors and camera. As our streets become more crowded, and parking space keeps decreasing, a good reverse parking system is the best alternative to save you a lot of dented rear bumpers and repair money. Invest in a good brand like Hopkins and Napoer to make the most of your investment.


3. Car Perfume

A car is like a second home. But no matter how spick and span the interiors are, there’s no point if it smells worse than your garbage pile. A good car perfume not only comes cheap but is also a must-have accessory to have your car smelling like a dream every time you take it out for a spin. The market is flooded with car air freshener brands like AmbiPur, Godrej and many more; pick the one that suits you best.


4. Remote Central Lock

Remote central lock is an important safety accessory. Incase your car doesn’t function on a keyless system; get it upgraded to a remote central lock with an alarm system. This way you wouldn’t have to manually bother with the doors. The best brands to choose from are Nippon, Xenon or Autocop.


5. Auto Dimming Rear View Mirrors

Unfortunately, most Indian drivers love to hit the roads at night with their high beam turned on. This is also the leading cause of road accidents. A good auto dimming IRVM dims the headlight glare in the rear view mirror allowing you to navigate the traffic better. It is literally a lifesaver at a comparatively smaller cost ranging between INR 5000 to INR 12000.


6. Fog Lights

A pair of front fog lights is an especially critical car accessory if you live in parts of India that are prone to heavy winters. Fog lights are useful in navigating the dense fog covered streets in the cold season. A decent pair of lights from Blazer or Astra depot shouldn’t cost you more than INR 8000.


7. GPS Navigator

GPS navigators are no more a luxury but a necessity. Although a majority of Indiandrivers uses their mobiles for Google maps, having a quality GPS navigator will save you the trouble of incurring big mobile data bills, unavailability of mobile network and the sad part when your phone’s battery dies on you. Do explore MapmyIndia LX140WS GPS Navigator that falls well under INR 10000.


8. Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels will pave way for a relatively easier drive and better handling of the car, not to forget how beautiful they look. Alloy wheels come a bit expensive and can range somewhere between INR 15000- INR 35000 depending on your tyre size.


9. Jumper Cable

Traffic jams is no news. While stuck in a traffic jam, you might turn off your car’s engine thinking it will save your car battery. But that’s not entirely the case. The accessories are still on and drain out your battery. What if the battery gives in refuses to start? That’s where a jumper cable comes in handy. A standard kit from a brand like Mockhe is conveniently priced between INR 500 to INR 1800.


10. Car Cover

Continuous exposure to sun, rain and rough weather can ruin the exterior aesthetics of your car. Invest in a good car cover brand like Autofurnish that falls within INR 1000 to help your car shine like new forever.


Although most cars marketed by the new-age car companies come well equipped with all necessary accessories, accessory shopping becomes inevitable when you decide to own a Used Car. When out accessory shopping, do not go for the first dealer that catches your eye. Compare them, as they tend to have huge margins in accessories. Negotiate to land the perfect deal that’ll suit your needs. These accessories might cost you a little, but it will eventually pay to spend on these products.