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Follow these steps to avoid being sold the wrong two-wheeler

Owning a two-wheeler may have ranked high on your priority list for a long time now. After all, it’s deemed the easiest and the fastest mode of transport for commuters within a major metro, allowing you to weave through the peak-hour traffic without getting stuck in long snarls. Additionally, they require far less parking space and are more fuel-efficient when compared to larger modes of transport.

However, when buying a scooter or motorcycle, you need to consider certain factors such as price, mileage, engine capacity, and maintenance costs etc.Here are a few simple steps to make sure that you purchase the right two-wheeler as per your needs and preferences:


Decide whether you need a scooter or motorcycle

Before buying a two-wheeler, decide whether a scooter or motorcycle will suit your needs best. Scooters offer a more comfortable ride thanks to their automatic transmission, gearless engines, increased storage space, and enhanced manoeuvrability, which can be ideal for city roads.

On the other hand, a motorcycle provides better performance due to the presence of a gear-box which allows its highly efficient engines to generate more power, making it perfect for highways and difficult terrains.


Determine your brand and budget

The next thing you need to evaluate before proceeding with your two-wheeler purchase is the budget. Decide how much you can afford to spend for your bike or scooter. Generally, two-wheelers in India are priced between Rs.60,000 to Rs. 2 lakhs, depending upon the type of vehicle and its engine capacity.

After you’ve determined your budget, you need to search for various options within that range across the two-wheeler brands in India. Choosing an established brand is important as it assures you a quality product. A well-known brand is also helpful to get a good resale value for your vehicle.


Look out for preferred features and specifications

Now, when you have a budget and preferred brand in mind, you can list out the features and specifications that you want out of your two-wheeler. There are various types of bikes and scooters in the market to choose from, varying in factors like engine capacity which imparts power to the vehicle, mileage which denotes the fuel efficiency, design and dimensions of the two-wheeler etc.

Before purchasing the two-wheeler, always take a test ride to ensure you can handle its weight, power, and pick-up for a safe and smooth ride. Also, make sure you can place both your feet on the ground while sitting stationary on the vehicle without tilting or losing your balance. Additionally, inquire about the free services available and the costs for getting your two-wheeler serviced at authorised stations, once the free servicing period is no longer available.

An important financial decision like purchasing your own two-wheeler requires a little research. Do follow the above steps to make sure you get the perfect two-wheeler.

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