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Follow these steps to build a strong network marketing team

Network marketing is one of the fastest growing businesses in the 21stcentury. It gives people the opportunity, with very low risk and financial commitments, to build their own income generating asset and acquire great wealth. But as we know, your business growth depends a lot on perseverance and successful team building. Here are the steps to help you build a strong team for your network marketing business:


Stop assuming things about people

Never assume that people you recruit will take your network marketing business as seriously as you do. Learn about their motivation to join your business and act accordingly. You should be happy enough with anyone who wants to just stay on as a customer instead of trying to push themselves into something they don’t want to. Expecting more from your team beyond their capabilities will only force them to quit.


Be a team builder yourself

It’s good to expect your downlines to build a potent team for your network marketing business and generate vast profits. But you need to take charge and be a team builder yourself first before teaching it to others. Lead from the front, see yourself making phone calls and taking follow-ups, develop leadership quality in you and setan example for others to follow. Instead of telling your team how to do it, show them how it’s done.


Be pully instead of being pushy

You should never be the one who is pestering and pushing your team for more sales. Nobody likes to be demanded what to do. Instead, pull them into actions by asking them the right questions. Pull them to have thoughts of making things happen by motivating them towards their goals. Asking questions like -Why did you join, whathave you hoped to gain, do you truly want those things, what if you didn’t achieve them, etc., will illicit positive responses from your team.


Create leaders and not followers

One of the biggest mistakes that many network marketers make is that they keep everything self-centred and love being needed by their downlines at every step. Instead, try to create leaders in your organisation rather than followers. Teach them to teach, which means you should allow others to take the reins in your absence. This will not only create a strong network marketing team but also provide you the time and freedom to invest in other productive activities.


Conduct as many meetings as possible

It might sound simple, but this is one of the established network marketing facts that the more meetings you’ll have, the more money you will make. If you want to have a strong, unbreakable team, conduct more meetings and go to more conventions together. This creates an unbreakable bond between you and your downlines or uplines. Being together will exude confidence in your team members and they’ll enrol more recruits.

With these simple yet effective tips, you can build a very powerful network marketing team which in turn, will help you to earn more.