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From classroom to corporate: The inspiring story of Jack Ma

Jack Ma may well have been the inspiration behind the bestseller The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. He famously told an interviewer that he “wasn’t interested in money” and that he regretted founding his flagship Alibaba, to the amazement of the world.

In light of this, his recent decision to step down as CEO, does not come as a surprise to many. A simple existence away from the demands of corporate life might still prove to be fertile ground for new ideas, given Jack's ingenuity.


Humble beginnings

Having risen from humble beginnings to the pinnacle of corporate power, Ma personifies sheer persistence and a healthy disregard for rules. Growing up in Communist China, this child of musical entertainers did not have access to an Ivy League education. To his credit, Ma was completely unfazed by multiple rejections, both as an MBA aspirant and later as a job seeker. His tenacity would serve him well as an entrepreneur.


Early career

His early career as an English teacher in itself is a story of grit and determination. As a teenager in northwest China, Jack served as a tour-guide in exchange for English lessons from Western tourists, who were arriving by the bus-loads. Despite repeated failures at school, Ma finally qualified as a teacher.

Incredibly, he says that it was his teaching career that taught him how to identify and nurture talent. It helped him build a team that took Alibaba from a humble start-up to the world’s largest e-commerce giant.


Rise to the top

On a visit to the USA, Ma discovered the immense potential of the internet to connect businesses with newer markets. Quick to spot opportunities despite the risk came naturally to him. He proved his critics wrong by riding the e-commerce wave despite being “just a normal guy” with no technical background. His first internet venture ended in failure.

But true to form, Ma bounced back with an idea that would revolutionize e-commerce. After convincing 18 of his friends to pool their savings, he created an ecosystem that enabled millions of sellers to market and ship their products to customers across the world. In 2018, Alibaba was valued at over $500 billion.


A maker of his own destiny

Ma is living proof that one’s circumstances do not determine one’s destiny. Though it plays a major role in what one manages to accomplish, the possibilities are limitless. What separates great achievers from the also-rans is strong self-belief and mental toughness.

A stickler for out-of-the-box thinking, he tackles business challenges from the point of view of the end customer. His belief that businesses exist to serve society and not the other way around, has led him to donate generous amounts to philanthropic initiatives around the world.

Jack Ma's life illustrates that entrepreneurship and innovation can solve social problems and enable sustainable development like no single government can. From creating jobs for a million people to sponsoring development programmes around the world, his drive to ensure an equitable society is unparalleled.

The moniker 'Crazy Jack' that he has come to be known by, seems unjustified, but his brand of craziness is perhaps just what the world needs at this time.

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