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Here are some email security tips for your business

Email is regarded as the most popular communication channel, especially for business-related communications. From internal communication, to sending briefs to the clients, to forwarding marketing and promotional content, e-mails have become an inevitable part of daily business operations.

However, with increasing attempts of phishing by the fraudsters, ensuring adequate cyber safety is very crucial for the success of any business organisation. Lack of awareness on this front can lead to sensitive business data getting leaked which can prove detrimental. Here are some useful e-mail security tips to safeguard your organisation from such threats:


Use separate e-mail accounts for personal and business communications

The e-mail account of most of the people is a centralized hub of their personal activity. From social media notifications, to website registrations, to newsletters, to shopping bills, the e-mail inbox is used to store all such personal information. However, this also makes your mailbox prone to break-ins by the hackers. Hence, it’s prudent to use a separate mail account for business-related communications to keep it protected from the cyber threats.


Create a unique password and keep changing it frequently

While following the idea of having multiple e-mail accounts for different purposes, it’s also important to create an entirely unique password for every mail id. Using one password for all your accounts can be a big mistake as it provides an easy target for the fraudsters to break into all your accounts and extract the sensitive information from your mailbox. It’s also advisable to keep changing your passwords frequently to ensure your mail accounts stay protected.


Use two-tier authentication system for access to mail inbox

Using a two-tier authentication system will provide an extra layer of security to your mailbox and the information stored in it. You can install a specialized software or use a different cloud e-mail provider if you’re unable to add two-tier authentication to your current e-mail account. This means that even if a hacker manages to crack or retrieve the passwords to your account, he’ll still require a secret code or an OTP to access your mail inbox and read your messages.


Beware of phishing scams

Many hackers make attempts of ‘Phishing’ to steal the private business information by tricking the individuals into handing over their private details. It’s usually done by sending e-mails to the people, asking them to click on a link and enter their private details to receive a huge cash prize or other bonusses. These fake sites collect this information and sends it to the hackers who can use it for fraudulent activities.


Ensure robust training system for your employees

No matter how much alert you stay and how much you spend on anti-viruses, your employees should know how to deal with suspicious activities and protect the sensitive data of the organisation. They should be taught about taking adequate security measures before using their mail account, downloading a file, or sending attachment to others.

With these tips, you can increase the security around your important business data and nullify the attempts of fraudsters to break into your mailbox.