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How far will you go for your business? 8 crazy branding attempts by founders

Branding plays a major part in accelerating the growth of a business and making it more accessible to the masses. It is a proven fact that consumers tend to veer towards products that have a good branding strategy which explains the product well while keeping the campaign meaningful and witty.

Cadbury, Onida and Fevicol have undertaken some of the most fondly-remembered branding campaigns in India. Although these are classics, there are some bizarre campaigns which have taken the world by surprise. Here are a few which have caught people’s attention:


Hermès - Dye me new

This French fashion house set up a laundromat in New York offering on-the-house dip-dye services to customers to liven up their old Hermès scarves. Promoted as a no-cost campaign, the idea was to give consumers a quick makeover without hassle.


Target - Light Show

To draw attention to the 2010 holiday season fashion line, Target put up a spectacular light and dance show at New York’s Standard Hotel. The ‘show’ was presented from the street facing rooms of the hotel and the brand also ensured that they had about 5000 onlookers, including celebrities to draw maximum attention.


Milka Chocolate - Last Square

When the Swiss chocolate brand launched in France, they created a buzz by removing one square from their signature chocolate bars. Consumers were then given a choice to either claim the last square for themselves via an online registration or send it to a loved one with a note.


Warby Parker - Class Trip

Wouldn’t you be attracted to a bright yellow school bus selling designer eye-glasses? That is exactly what the founders of Warby Parker did, attracting buyers on their road trip. It gave them a chance to pick their favorite eyewear while providing a place to hang out with games and books.


Spotify and Starbucks Unite

Two loved brands teamed up to attract even more customers to their increasing base. Starbucks curates special playlists every week, which can be accessed on Spotify. Alternatively, if you like the music being played at your local Starbucks, you can use the Starbucks app to automatically save the song on a playlist on Spotify. Talk about a win-win deal.'s Town

'Putting something on the map' means making it famous. However, the founders of took this to another level. The brand successfully convinced the town of Halfway, Oregon to change their name to, in exchange of Internet, computers and goodies. The attention this campaign received was unmatched and the company quite literally put itself on the map and got noticed by the e-commerce giant e Bay.



Known for their fluffy and delectable pancakes, IHOP created quite a buzz by tweeting that they intended to flip the P in the brand to B. This declaration led to a lot of speculation and garnered tremendous interest in the brand. After days of leaving consumers hanging, they finally announced that the B stood for burgers. This little gimmick led to increased sales and social media presence of the chain.

Over the years there have been many such crazy branding and ad campaigns across the world. While some of them have been outlandish and weird, with the others being weird, almost all of them had an X factor that’s hard to miss.