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How to use YouTube for business growth

Ever since its inception in 2005, YouTube has become an indispensable tool for social media marketing and advertising activities. With its extensive reach, user-friendly tools and cost-effectiveness to promote businesses, it is best suited for all types and size of businesses, such as large enterprises, SMEs, entrepreneurs, freelancers or consultants.

Companies, who do not have a YouTube presence, are missing out on something big. If you are an enterprise planning to use YouTube for Business, reach out to wider audience and looking ways to build their brand image, here are 5 things you should know:


Make your own channel

Being a business enterprise, it is best to have your own channel on YouTube, with a unique identity of its own, replete with the profile picture with your company logo, use of same colors and fonts which resonate with the company’s ethos and culture. The company’s YouTube channel should be made the hub of all the video content for marketing purposes, rather than treating it as a video repository.


Do not sell, offer solutions

Starting a new channel and posting videos could be a daunting task while using YouTube for Business. Start with posting valuable content such as addressing common issues faced by customers, how the product can solve those issues and customer testimonials. Relevant keywords and appropriate titles should be used for your videos to be found easily. A call to action in the end of the video, such as the link to your website or product can be included. Viewers must also be encouraged to share, like or subscribe, which would help in capturing their contact information.


Be consistent

Making your own channel on YouTube and posting a couple of relevant videos will be futile, if videos are not posted regularly. To make your presence felt and keep the users/subscribers hooked on to your channel, videos should be posted consistently.


Be social

Selecting a day and time of the day to post videos regularly can result in anticipation amongst prospects and customers wanting to know more. Being social on the channeland answering or acknowledging comments with customized answers would also help in stronger engagement and make the most of YouTube for Businessgrowth.


Promote your channel

Don’t limit the reach of your video content to YouTube only. Post your videos on your website, blog posts as well as email it to your existing clientele. Alternatively, sharing the videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms where your target audience visits often, would garner more eyeballs and help in reaching a wider audience.

Implementing YouTube for business promotion would translate into acquisition of new customers which will lead to business growth.