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Planning a bachelorette party? Here are some fun ideas

Marriage is not merely a relationship status; it is a complete upgrade to a girl’s single life. A bachelorette party is undeniably the best slumber party a girl will ever have with her best friends. This in no way implies that, as a good bridesmaid, you need to wreck your brains over planning the perfect bachelorette bash.

If you’re someone looking around for a few great party inspirations, then check out these fun-filled and creative sure-shot ideas to make your single lady’s bachelorette get-together a smashinghit: -


1. The Back to Basics Slumber Party

Plan the perfect house party where you can catch up on old memories, dance like crazy and play silly games as you all did back in the older days. You can make the night warmer by creating a slideshow of the bride’s personal milestones and goofy yet beautiful moments that you have all enj oyed as a group. Maybe show the pictures from your last trip to Ladakh, which ought to bring on some happy tears and smiles.



2. The Beach Bum Bachelorette Bash

Propose a weekend getaway in Goa or Kerala if you have a beach crazy bride on your hands. To make it cozier, go for a rented cottage instead of hotel rooms. Party away sipping cocktails, dancing away to EDM & enjoying Goa’s scenic beauty.


3. The Lovin’ It In Las Vegas Party

Fly out to sizzling Las Vegas for a wild and crazy ladies only bachelorette extravaganza. Dress to the nines, put on your best make-up, visit the hottest night clubs, sip on some exotic drinks, try your luck in a casino, and help the bride have the time of her life. You can have the bride wear a personalized ‘soon-to-be-bride’ sash and a tiara to make her stand out.


4. The Fitness Fiasco Bachelorette Party

Your fitness freak bride wants to be in top shape for her big day. Help her out by arranging an exclusive workout class of her choice of exercise for the entire group. Sweat in style with customized typography Team Bride Tees.


5. The Spa Escape Theme

The bride is naturally tensed in anticipation of her big day. Help her relax over a weekend getaway to a luxurious spa. Get pampered and bond over lavish beauty regimes, cleansing teas and rejuvenating meditation music.


6. The Club Hoppers

Don your Team Bride glittery tops, put the “future Mrs.” sash and tiara on the bride, zip her up in a red hot shimmery bodycon dress, and hit all the hot clubs she loves. Make some noise and cheer for the bride on her dance moves to make her feel special.


7. The Classic Bachelorette Brunch

Bachelorette parties don’t always have to be a noisy, crazy or night affair. Why not do it like they did in the good ol’ days? Reserve a table at a fine dining haven and brunch it out like classy ladies over haute cuisine and expensive wines.


8. The ‘Always Pretty’ Photo Shoot Party

Hire a professional photographer to click magazine cover worthy pictures of all of you. Make sure to bring out your best outfits and hit the salon to get all spruced up for some of your best pictures ever. You can add in more fun by changing locations and outfits.


Now that you know what to do, here are some easy tips to make sure things go as planned: -

1. Always ask the bride in advance what she wants to do. If you feel that she wouldn’t approve of something, tick it off your to-do list.

2. Don’t let financial worries keep you from having a blast.Setting a budget and sticking to it shouldn’t be an issue when good helping hands are available.

3. If you have to book travel tickets or hotel rooms, make sure that you do it well in advance to save money.

4. Bachelorette party planning is a fun activity. If you feel the stress is getting to you, seek out help from your fellow bridesmaids to avoid messing up.

5. Don’t miss out on these moments; click plenty photographs of all your candid moments to revisit them on a later date.

6. Don’t forget to make personalized title tags/sash for everyone. If someone in your group is lovingly called ‘Talky Tina,’ make her a sash that reads the same.

7. Wedding preparations & events are an expensive affair but can be met by looking at finance options like a Personal Loans

Planning the ideal bachelorette party is no piece of cake, but it doesn’t have to be a reason for you to panic either. All you need to do is to keep the bride’s comfort as well as choices first, don’t panic, and simply go with the flow. Good luck.