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Planning a summer wedding? Here are some cool inspirations

A summer wedding is a reflection of the season itself- it should bring to mind the portrait of a clear blue sunny sky, lively and vibrant hues, the warm breeze and the fresh summery smell, all at the same time.

Are you set for a wedding date in summer? Are you finding it a real task to plan the perfect summer wedding even after ravaging the Internet for all possible themes out there? Don’t let the override of options confuse you; check out these great summer wedding ideas to make your most-awaited and much-dreamt about day, the most memorable one as well. You can thank us later.

1. A Dreamy Beach Affair

The breezy blue sea and the calming sounds of waves make for an ideal summer wedding location. To personalize your affair, avoid the mistake of selecting a popular beach, as they’re usually crowded. Instead opt for a peaceful oceanfront location like Kadmat Island, Lakshwadeep or the Havelock island in the Andamans, to get married in close company amidst azure skies and the pristineblue waters.



2. A Tropical Tango

God’s own country, Kerala, is an impeccable choice for your summer wedding. While the beaches of Kerala are famous, the heavenly backwaters of South Kerala are largely undisturbed. Since destination weddings are not new to Kerala, you can easily find a luxury resort that’ll suit all your needs. Try a popular location like Varkala for ease of arrangement. Your pheras under the limitless open sky and tall swaying palms surrounded by silent rippling waters will definitely be an experience to treasure for all.


3. A Luxury Cruise Fiesta

Imagine yourself in the middle of the boundless blue ocean, on a stylish Cruise, with the powerful waters below paving way for your ship to move forward, while you hold the hand of the love of your life and enter the much-awaited holy matrimony! Is that something you would love?

If yes, let’s get one thing cleared, cruise weddings are not for billionaires alone. Getting married on a cruise can be an expensive affair, but finances shouldn’t be a worry with finance companies like NBFCs & Banks out there offering affordable Personal Loans.


Once the finance is in place, move on to selection from myriad locations like Kochi, Mumbai, Goa, Chennai and Lakshwadeep to select from.


4. A Pop Of Summer Colors Wedding

Think of summer; think bright yellow, fresh lime, sassy orange, refreshing blue and green. These are the summer colors we love. Theme your wedding by any one or combination of these colors. Let’s say, ask your guests to dress up in shades of pink exclusively for your big day.


Besides these great themes, there are a few summer wedding essential tips to make your D-day more fun and unique: -

  • A Large Outdoor Cool Bar

Your guests are going to feel warmer and thirstier in summers. To make them comfortable, you can hire a professional bartender to serve cool-colored delicious signature drinks and cocktails.

  • Get Creative With The Centerpieces

You can opt for fresh summer fruits like mangoes and citruses as the guests’ table’s centerpiece instead of artificial flowers and candles to add in a hue of creativity and freshness.

  • The Candid Ice Cream Corner

Yes, ice creams are dessert, but not in summers. A spacious ice cream bar with exotic and personalized choices will make both your grown up and younger guests happy.

  • The Flowers Are Important

The flowers are the most understated part of any wedding. You can tone down the summer heat by dropping those red roses and chrysanthemums. Lilies, roses and orchids in shades of white, pink and cream will look heavenly.

  • The Summer Wedding Varmala

Go for pink or white rose, lotus or orchid garlands rather than the usual heavy traditional varmala (garland).

Just like marriages are made in heaven, weddings are made on Earth. Try to imagine yourself in one of the above scenarios, and trust us, it will make your wedding too, equally heavenly if not more. Feeling inspired yet?