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Planning to buy a 350CC Motorbike in India? Don't Miss This!

Anyone who calls himself/herself a biker, usually start their passionate journey on two wheels with a small (engine) capacity motorcycle. As a biker advances in experience his yearning for more powerful machines also grows. There are many motorbikes that fit the bill and are great for long road trips, but very few brands in the country have developed a fan following as massive as Royal Enfield (RE).


The Heritage

The motorcycle brand has developed a cult following among bike enthusiasts and has seen a sharp rise in its sales numbers year after year. The Classic 350 is one of the best-selling motorcycles in the Royal Enfield stable. It is a bike that is similar to the original Bullet, and combines retro styling, torquey engine and supreme comfort, making it an ideal choice for long cruises.


The Features

The Classic 350 not only has a great combination of features that combine to make it an ideal cruiser, but there’s more to it than just superb engineering. The bike brings with it a rich heritage that is exclusive to the legendary Royal Enfield brand and, of course, the famed biker clubs consisting of owners that enjoy a unique camaraderie and sense of belonging.


The Competition

In the 350cc segment, there is no other motorcycle which matches the ride quality and stability that the Classic 350 offers. The UM Renegade Commando is the closest competitor to the Classic 350, but at Rs. 1.97 lakh (ex-Mumbai) is way costlier. It is also has a smaller capacity engine displacing 280cc, less pulling power and a pedigree which is nowhere near to that of its competitor.

The Classic 350 features a timeless design that has changed little since its inception. The retro styling harks back to the classic British design of the pre- and post-war era. The Bullet has received subtle design tweaks which makes it more in tune with the times.

The addition of brighter colours, split seats, new tail light assembly and an optional upswept exhaust lend it a modern look, while retaining its crucial old-world charm. Royal Enfield has upgraded the engine to a new Twinspark unit that is much more reliable and efficient than the one it replaces.


The Cost

The Classic 350 can be yours for Rs. 1.35 lakh (ex-showroom, Mumbai) and brings a lot more heritage and character at the price point. This is not a small amount, but with two-wheeler loans available from Reliance Money, the dream of owning this legendary bike can become a reality. Our flexible EMI options let you enjoy the ride without putting stress on your finances.

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Our loan process is simple and quick. There are four stages involved in the process: application, processing, documentation, and disbursement. Loan approval is done on the spot and once the requisite formalities have been completed, the disbursement takes only a week’s time.

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