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Some tips to ace the game of cold calling

Cold Calling is calling a sales prospect on the phone for the first time, without any previous interaction. As part of a broad-based sales and marketing strategy, cold calling is cost-effective and gives you the added advantage of being able to handle customer objections in real-time.

Before the age of the internet dawned, cold calling was a staple in the toolkit of marketing and sales professionals around the world, supplementing TV and radio advertising.

While the share of digital marketing in marketing budgets is steadily growing today, cold calling is, by no means, outdated. According to research conducted by Velocify, a cold call made within 1 minute of a prospect’s visit to your website can boost conversions by as much as 391%.

Where a face to face interaction is not possible, picking up the phone helps you instantly connect with a prospect, understand needs, offer customized solutions and build long term relationships. In the hands of a skilled sales professional, a single phone call costing a negligible sum can net sales worth thousands of rupees in a matter of minutes.

Which brings us to the question- How does one ace the game of cold calling, without breaking the bank? Here are some tips and tricks for setting yourself up for cold calling success.


Strong database

Before you make the call, make sure you have all the client details ready. Incorrect or outdated contact information is the biggest reason for dissatisfaction among agents. A current and valid phone number for the client is the most important.

Among other things, the name of the person and designation (in case, you are talking to an influential person). Accurate notes are crucial for timely follow-ups by other team members and for seamless customer experience.

Use phone number validation and look-up tools to determine if a number has been in use for at least the past 6 months. This can dramatically improve your contact rates and employee satisfaction. With data analytics, you can compile valuable insights regarding the best time to call and conversion statistics.

Using an integrated sales CRM system can help you manage leads, contact information, track interactions and assess actual performance against goals.


Impactful opening

The first few seconds of a cold call are very crucial. Using an upbeat tone of voice can help your agents capture the client’s attention and clearly identify themselves and the organisation they represent. An impactful opening can eliminate awkward pauses throughout the conversation and maybe even help you get vital insights into customers’ future requirements.

This will make it easier to identify prospects who are more likely to need additional services when you follow-up with the prospect in future, to identify new opportunities for further sales.


Know your product

Before calling or researching about the customer, it is vital for you to know the product in and out. It would be embarrassing if the customer would ask a question and you do not know the answer. So, study the product before you start calling.


Consultative selling

Get to the point quickly. During a busy day, you have just a few seconds to match your product to customer needs. Your pitch must be geared to answer the “why you need this product” question.

Give examples and ask the customer about any personal experience that is directly or indirectly related to the product. Don’t use pressure tactics, customers tend to resist anything that does not fit their priorities.

To boost your sales, you need a comprehensive marketing strategy that integrates traditional and modern methods such as cold-calling and digital. A Business Expansion Loan from Reliance Money is an ideal solution to meet current and upcoming marketing requirements and for expansion.