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  • Short Term Credit/Working Capital Loan for procurement of stock
  • Your stock becomes your collateral – no need for secondary collateral
  • Easier loans ranging from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 20 cr. compared to conventional financing
  • Finance customised as per your individual business cycle
  • Get a steady source of Working Capital at minimal cost
  • Allows businesses to stack inventory as per requirement
  • Flexible Trench Tenor depending upon working capital cycle
  • Support for seasonal requirement
  • Flexibility of repayment with part and prepayment options
1 Parameter Description
2 Loan amount Rs. 10 Lacs to Rs. 20 Cr.
3 Loan Tenure 12 months (Annually Renewable)
4 Trench Tenure 60-90 days (Average)
5 Loan Borrowers (Ordinary Resident) Pvt , Public Ltd Companies / Partnership Firms / Proprietorship firms/LLP
6 Age of Borrower (Individuals ) Minimum : 21 years on Loan application
Maximum: 65 years on Loan maturity
7 Repayment mode Repayment on “pay-as-sold” basis/before tranche expiry, whichever is earlier-by way of Cheque/RTGS/FT/Cash mode
8 Primary Security Hypothecation of Stock Funded under the program
9 Collateral Self Occupied Residential and Commercial Property

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