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The art of getting what you want

While the Internet is flooded with motivational quote posters portraying colorful sunrises amidst the mountains, and the self-help book category has transformed into a million dollar industry, the secret behind achieving what you desire boils down to one thing alone- YOU!

Here are 3 sure shot techniques to turn your dreams into reality, one step at a time: -

1. The what and why of it all

As old-timey and outdated as it may seem, it is clearly the most basic and easily misunderstood of it all. If you aren’t laser-specific about what you want to achieve in life, you’re doing nothing but passive goal setting. When you don’t set your goals actively, you lose purpose and direction. You need to sit down and think hard of what you want, and more importantly, why you want it. It is human nature to want to have everything, but not all that we desire has a purpose in our life.

Let's say,

Scenario: Recent break up with your lover

What you want: Them

Why: If you are not able to pen down in a good one page’s length why you want them back in your life, then it’s probably not worth your time, money and effort anyway. Knowing precisely someone’s / something’s importance in your life and how it would be without them, gives your goal real power.

Some might call it destiny, but it’s actually the Law Of Attraction that brings into your life what you think you deserve.

2. Take that Yellow brick road

Do not underestimate the importance of a thorough action plan. Now that you’re riding high on motivation, it is time you confidently set out on the road that’ll lead to your destination. But this road is seldom taken by many and will be rocky. You must be mentally strong, determined and obstinate to stay on it. If you don’t have an all-encompassing plan to finally accomplish what you want, then your efforts will go to waste.

Let’s say,

Scenario: You’re an assistant manager aiming for the position of senior manager

Action Plan:

  • Work Smarter And Harder

To stand apart from your colleagues, you need to be creative, confident in your work methods and innovative in brainstorming sessions.

  • Become Proactive

You don't want to be the audience anymore. To get noticed, you’ll have to do your homework before others reach that chapter; you need to identify and keep the solution ready beforehand.

  • Be Consistent And Patient

Action plans are lengthy and need full-time commitment. The daily repetition and monotony might get on your nerves at times, but you can’t back down now that your goal is set.

3. Stick to the good, wipe out the bad, stay away from the ugly

The road to success isn’t easy. At times, it is going to be a smooth walk, at times a hard uphill climb, somewhere rocky and dangerous, and many a times, you’ll reach a frustrating plateau. It is important to deeply identify these stops and turns, so that you can analyze your proximity to your goal and take corrective steps.

Let's say,

Scenario: You want to lose 20 kgs of your current body weight

Action plan: A 6-month strict routine of exercise, diet and lifestyle changes.

Problems and Corrections:

  • Smooth walk:

The initial water loss leading to fast weight loss in the beginning.

  • Uphill Climb:

You soon realize that the initial weight loss was only water loss and not fat loss. The journey has only actually begun with everyday cravings for restricted foods and strenuous un-yielding (seemingly) exercise that isn’t resulting in weight loss.

Don’t lose hope and keep going.

  • Rocky:

You go all crazy and take it to the extreme, only to fall sick due to exhaustion. Or you give in to your food cravings and stop with your workout.

This is where it starts to go bad. You need to completely switch off that button in your brain that makes you think negatively.

  • Plateau:

Losing weight is tough and needs consistency, strong will and determination. After the first 3 months, the stubborn fat in your body will stop reacting to your regime.

It’s the ugly part where you need to modify your routine if you want to avoid the plateau. Start a healthier diet and a more intensive workout.

Confidence and focus is key to success in your life. The sooner you train and better yourself at it, the closer will be your destination.