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These qualities separate an extraordinary salesperson from the rest

The sales team forms a vital cog between the success and failure of any business organization. The sales executives present the company’s products or services to the customers and is responsible for the revenue generation of the company. This is exactly the reason why most of the business houses invest heavily to boost up their sales department.

Depending on the unique needs of a client, salespeople need to adapt their pitch for maximum impact. What distinguishes great sales professionals from the mediocre ones is the solution-oriented mindset they bring to their jobs each day. Here are few of the qualities that separates an extraordinary salesperson from the ordinary ones:


Catalyst for innovation

An exceptional sales executive always leads from the front. He or she interacts with the clients on a regular basis and develops an intimate understanding of their needs and how it can evolve with time.

Leveraging the insights gained, heshould work with the internal product development and marketing teams to optimize the product design according to user experience strategies. He should also be able to compile relevant market insights and share them with the senior management to formulate marketing strategies.


Passion for creating value

Passion speaks for itself. When you are passionate about a product,selling comes naturally. Itreflects in the way a salesperson engages with a client.By adopting a consultative approach, passionate sales executives focus on providing solutions that fits the client’s needs, thereby overcoming objections and enabling repeat sales.


Pitching for success

While the odds of a successful sale can vary widely, proper preparation helps sales professionals stay ahead of the curve.It’s important for the sales executives to study their prospects’ financial situation, while developing their pitch.

During the pitch, talented salespeople invite questions from their audience to allay any doubts and offer clarifications. If the sale cannot be closed immediately, theyconfirm the next appointment and ask for feedback. They also add a thoughtful touch by emailing ‘Thank You notes’ and minutes of the meeting to keep their prospects engaged after the meeting gets over.


Asking for referrals

Successful sales professionals make it a point to ask for referrals. It is a rule of thumb for them to ask for at least three referrals per client. This helps them to gain insights about the new leads in a personable manner, thereby increasing the list of prospects and the possibility of future sales.

Referrals also help the sales executives to multiply the number of leads available, improve client relationships and dramatically reduce the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). This skill alone helps top performing sales professionals to sell more during a given period of time, than the rest of the competitors.

To support your overall marketing and sales strategy, you’ll hence need the best sales talents in your organization. It will not only help you boost your profitability but also to enhance your customer relations.