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Things to consider while making a client database

Companies, big or small enterprises, are deploying tools which take care of their customer engagement and conversion activities. Running effective marketing campaigns can be termed as the marriage betweenquality client database and robust marketing technology. However, before we reach the stage of feeding our client database into the automation suite, creating an accurate and up-to-date client database is the first step in this direction.

Client database represents a set of information,on each client, which is relevant to the business. Be it a new start-up, SME or a large enterprise, all of them require building a client database with accurate and updatedcontact and allied details. This database helpsin reaching out to existing as well as prospective clients, run effective marketing campaigns, understand the buying habits of customers and create monthly and yearly reports for understanding the sales trend.

However, no two businesses are the same and each has its own dynamics and nuances to deal with. Below is a short guide on things you should consider before making a client database.


Know your industry

Broadly speaking, the business ecosystem can be classified as a B2B or a B2C activity. Knowing the broader audience is the first step in understanding the target audience who would be the end-user of the company’s product/services.


Know your products/services

It is crucial to understand the nature of the products/services a company is selling. Having in-depth knowledge of your products/services would make all the difference in further streamlining and defining the clientele.


Define target audience

By understandingthetarget audience on a broader level and the utility of your products/services, it is far easier to identify and define the target audience. Defining your target audience will automatically also help you in defining the channels or platforms through which you would reach out to them. Moreover, identifying the agents of influence and adding them to the database could also be an added advantage for your business. Agents of influence may not be your ultimate client but can act as a catalyst in boosting sales.


Know your client

Now, the most important step is to know your client by gettingcomplete andaccurate details. It is important to be clear on what information is needed to be collected, how to collect it and how would it be managed. It should be decided on the basis of your business objectives. A good client database is the one which has accurate and updated details of the client and helps in building relationships as well as achieving business objectives.

Although, there is noone-size-fits-all solution to makea client database, these factors would remain constant in the initial stages. A quality client database is crucial to devise effective marketing campaigns to grow and expand your business.