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This Is how Google Assistant can help you grow your business

Google virtual assistant, called Google Assistant, connects to over 500 million devices including phones, TVs, laptops, smart speakers, headphones, watches, etc. Google Assistant has some genuinely efficient productivity tools for professionals, making use of its extensive user data. It is like an artificial intelligence robot rendering its smart intelligence to make things simpler and easier. There are certain ways it could possibly help you too:



Google Assistant is handy when it comes to arranging data. It can compile all the to-do lists, project ideas, reminders, important dates and keep you updated every single day, when you need it the most. This can save you a lot of time which you used to invest in organizing things otherwise.

It can send this list to the intended recipients on platforms such as Trello, Evernote, Slack,etc. Google Assistant works really well with ‘colloquial data’ – “Remind me to call Jack at 5pm on Sunday”, “Remind me to check on the progress report on Monday 3pm,”and the Assistant understand this like a human would.



The key to a successful business is effective communication. There is nothing that could compensate for a business loss due to lack of communication. It is often seen that lethargy in communication with clients or delaying feedbacks/work calls results in unhealthy work-client relationships. One needs to be updated on their call list and even email list with their partners as well as clients.

With Google Assistant, you can make calls while you sit back and do your work until the other person picks up thephone. It automatically reminds you of any scheduled calls, dials the numbers for you and even reminds you of any specific information you were supposed to include in your conversation with the other person.


Virtual Assistant

Google Assistant is almost like a virtual secretary. It can walk you through your texts and also offers to read them aloud. If you want to find any particular emails, just ask your Google Assistant to “find my emails from” a particular contact and it will sort through all the emails and land up right on the ones you want.

Set voice-activated commands for different standard messages which you find yourself repeating like “Please gather in the meeting room after lunch”, “Please report before you leave”, “Collect your reports by EOD from my office”, etc.



Improve your brand’s visibility by using the Google Assistant. Find relevant data about SEO and keywords that are specific for your target audience. The Google SEO is used to increase customer reach and even convert leads. Using location-specific searches in your Google Assistantto help optimize your data for better views.

With Google Assistant, things have become way simpler. It can be significantly used to grow your business by reducing manual tasks, saving time and creating better work relationships.