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This is how you can set up an effective training program

The goal of any effective training program is to increase the efficiency of employees in their current roles, or learn new ones. Good training programs are crucial to the expansion of any business. Employee training programs, when implementedprudently, can be the cornerstones of your success. Let us take a closer look at how it’s done.


Procedure to creating the perfect training program


Assess the training needs

If you wish to administer a training program to resolve a problem in your office, assessing the situation first is going to help you develop the most effective training program. Identify a precise business goal that you wish to achieve with the training program.


Keep sight of the learning principles of adults

It is important to keep in mind that adult learners are goal-oriented, have their own reservoir of knowledge, opinions and experience, want to feel respected, and look for a program that is task-oriented. A program that recognizes these principles is bound to be more efficient.


Create objectives of learning

This list comprises things workers should be able to do once they undergo the training. All aspects of the training should be directed at accomplishing only these objectives, and nothing else. Assessing of the workers during and after the training should only focus on these objectives.


Design and develop the material

When you are designing the training material, include opportunity for hands-on practice, create opportunity for the employees to interact with each other and the trainer, break the material into coherent, logical chunks, and use a multimodal approach in the program. You can use customized handouts for your employees and create outlines for the instructor. Computer based e-learning modules can also be created with the appropriate software.



A vital aspect of this step is to inform your employees well in advance about the training, so that they can incorporate it into their schedules and finish any pre-training preparation. You can use the Learning Management System (LMS) software to assign, track and deliver during the training. The training can take place as classroom instruction, group assignments, focus groups, or a mix of these.


Evaluate and repeat when necessary

You can use Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation to evaluate the effectiveness of the training. This includes evaluating the reaction of employees, their actual learning, job behaviour post-training, and business results that are measurable. Sometimes, you may need to repeat some of the steps to increase the impact of your training.


Advantages of training programs

  • A proper training program can make your workers more efficient and increase your production

  • It can decrease costs, and reduce any inefficiency or waste

  • An effective training program can result in your workers complying with your company’s regulations more closely


Decide on your ideal training program quickly, to help improve your workforce and processes.