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This is why serviced offices can be a good option for your small business

Small businesses often drift away from the decision of moving into serviced offices due to financial constraints. In fact, many business leaders settle for budget-conscious, much smaller offices thinking it would hardly impact their business or client relationships. As much as you’d like to believe it, the harsh reality is that serviced offices give a far better impression than a rented-out office as they are usually, more equipped. There are many reasons why serviced offices can be a good option for your small business.


Quite affordable

Contrary to popular perception, serviced offices are quite affordable and suitable for small businesses. Serviced offices are typically a complete package which usually consists of office furniture, electrical connections, running water supply, well-built architecture, security systems, phones, internet and even reception area, and refreshments facilities.

The major benefit of an already established reception is that it gives a good impression while taking staff calls and even greeting visitors which can help small businesses to maintain professionalism and create a better client-facing image. Setting up an office otherwise requires you to invest in almost everything, from furniture to technology to even wall paints.


Easy to move into

Since serviced offices are pre-equipped with all the basic amenities, it becomes easy to move into such spaces. There are absolutely no hassles of equipment installation, moving or reassembling devices or anything. All you need is your company’s legal work, documentation and selected devices that are developed/owned by you. Rest is all covered under the agreement of a serviced office.

From the ventilation to the infrastructure, everything is covered by serviced offices. Even while moving out, the process is extremely straightforward which gives small businesses the flexibility and freedom it needs.


24-hour access

Serviced offices provide round-the-clock availability and their facilities can be easily accessed 24 hours a day. Small businesses might require flexible timelines which could extend up to hours on end. In order to increase the client base and reach out to location-based targeted audience, employees need to work actively in shifts.

Also, if your clientele is foreign-based where the time zone is entirely different, one needs to have an active office even during the night to align with their client’s time and work cohesively with them to meet business goals. This makes serviced offices quite a good option for small businesses.



Having a serviced office with a proper reception, well-built infrastructure and appealing design does impact one’s business. Especially when you have just started out or your business requires more credibility in the market, having your own space would count a lot. It helps build your company’s reputation and also embeds more integrity within your organization.

Having an individual space is one thing but opting for a serviced office will give small businesses a well-rounded business environment to thrive in. Use business expansion loan to avail serviced offices for your organization.