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Top 10 tips for maintaining your car

For most vehicle owners, their car is their pride and joy, a status symbol, that also brings convenience and comfort for the entire family. To ensure that your beloved vehicle stays in prime running condition for many years to come, here’s what you need to do:


Know your car

Just checking the tyre pressure and washing your car is not enough. Knowing how to do the basic inspection of your car’s vitals is important for your car health in the long run. It is always good to go through the user manual, as it gives you important know-how on the features of your vehicle and even tips on how to prevent certain issues.


Perform maintenance regularly

Going for regular servicing is important. Skipping these will let minor problems develop into major, expensive problems. Nowadays, dealers and service centres also offer doorstep pickup facility for getting your car serviced. So now, there is no reason for you to be skipping this essential aspect.


Change oil regularly

A car has thousands of moving parts that need to be lubricated to be working in top-notch condition. The engine is the major component that needs proper lubrication to function. Over time, the engine oil gets dirty, and wear and tear begins to happen faster. Oil changes at recommended intervals will keep the car running for years without any trouble.


Replace important fluids

Apart from engine oil, there are also other fluids that need to be replaced. Brake oil, power steering oil, transmission oil and coolant also lose out on their effectiveness over a long period of time and need to be changed.


Change filters and belts

Consumables such as filters, belts and spark plugs also need to be inspected from time to time, and replaced if found to be worn or damaged. Clogging of air and oil filters results in a loss of power and reduction in mileage. Engine belt and spark plugs, if worn, can also lead to fuel efficiency and pickup issues. Proactively monitoring these parts and addressing them in time can lead to strong performance and lower maintenance costs.


Check tyres

Tyres are the most neglected part of a car, despite being the most important. They are your car’s only point of contact to the road, and hence, are subjected to maximum wear and tear. It is recommended to check tyre pressure every week and do the ‘tyre rotation’ process every six months to improve longevity of the tyres.


Juice up the battery

The car’s battery is the source of power for all electrical systems. Minor issues with the battery can lead to a burnout of wires and fuses that lead to even bigger problems. Give your battery a once-over at least once a month. Check for water level, loose connections, rust and so on.


Replace worn wipers and lights

The car’s wipers need to be checked before every monsoon. They should not be hard or leave a mark on the windshield during operation. If they do, they need to be replaced. The lights are the way a driver communicates with others on the road. It is essential that all of them are working, or they could be a safety hazard. If even one is not working, get it replaced from a trusted mechanic.


Clean windows

Windows are your view of the world outside the car. Therefore, it is imperative that you maintain them well, as they could hamper visibility and lead to accidents. Look for cracks or damages to them and be sure to replace them immediately.


Make your car spotless

This applies to both the exterior and interior of the car. Regular exterior cleaning and waxing can prevent rust, while regular cleaning of the interior (preferably by a professional) will prevent an odorous cabin. Instead, your car will smell nice and the material inside will retain its splendour and comfort for long.

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