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Top things to know about visual marketing

Never before has the adage ‘Customer is king’ been as relevant as it is today, driving almost all digital brands and e-commerce companies to sit up and recognize what the consumer wants before proceeding with delivering the product/service. Amidst such dynamics that take little time to change, the once followed marketing initiatives now run hither and thither.

Conveying the content or message through pictures, videos or infographics can form a thousand impressions on the minds of the customer. These impressions are becoming increasingly precious to marketers and advertisers, promising to bring about a radical change in how brands have always communicated with their customers.


Impressions form quick with the help of visual marketing

While there is certainly a degree of efficacy to white papers and e-books, they don’t bear half the effect of a picture. This is because the average human brain can process pictures up to as much as 60,000 times quicker as compared to text. With just a big block of text at your disposal, chances are you’d not end up with a positive first impression on the customer’s mind. All in all, the visual medium serves as a more effective conduit for the messages that get relayed to the brain.


Visual content is expected to be shared more

The calculation here is simple – any content paired with intelligently used colorful visuals is likely to linger on in the customer’s memory more as compared to that conveyed through large chunks of text. Further, the likelihood of such content being shared over social media is more. Increased sharing value translates to more exposure – something that automatically contributes to more word-of-mouth referrals, thereby fuelling your brand’s growth.


Directly impacts success of e-commerce companies

In today’s time and age, apt and carefully thought-out visuals act as a ready propeller for the brand. However, no matter how good the visuals may be, it wouldn’t work much if it isn’t informative and appealing at the same time. Lack of quality visuals can work against the enterprise, bringing down its chances of succeeding in the sphere that is getting increasingly competitive by the day.

So much so, visual content has the ability to outdo mundane product descriptions every time.


Success lies in mining content generated by fellow users

As important visuals are, customers might want to hear about you from content that has been generated by other satisfied clients. Mining such content for the furtherance of your brand or what it tries to communicate automatically puts you in an advantageous position. User-generated content, besides communicating to other potential customers, also serves asa review platform, making it convenient for people to see how your brand fares in real-time.

As the world continues to take giant strides towards visual content, you can also set up or revamp your brand’s visual marketing to propel business growth.