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Top tips to increase employee engagement in sustainable activities

The success of organizations adopting and implementing sustainable activities into practice hinges largely on the engagement of its workforce.

Here are some essential tips which would help you, as an employer, to boost the participation of your employees in these initiatives.


Let your actions do the talking

Leadership is all about leading by example and therefore it’s imperative for you as a leader to let your actions do the talking.It’s vital for you to demonstrate your commitment towards sustainable activities and let your employees see for themselves.

Only when employees see the top brass taking an active interest, they are likely to follow suit and embrace such initiatives. You can share videos and images of your participation in such activities with your employees for motivation.



Instead of asking employees to engage in a sustainable activity right from the word go, it’s important to communicate with them about any such initiative. A formal email or a team meeting would help employees get a big picture of the initiative, and why their participation is crucial for it to succeed.

At the same time, it’s vital to explain the major benefits of such an action which could be reduced costs, conducive work environment and happier lives.


Ask for feedback

Employees feel a lot more engaged and involved when they are asked for new ideas and feedback. Who knows, you can end up getting new concepts on various sustainable activities to meet your goals.

Employee feedback would create a sense of accountability and it has been found that those engaging in sustainable activities often come up with additional ideas that help your organization achieve its intended objectives.


Create a Green Team

One of the best practices to engage employees in sustainability is to create a Green Team which would give thema voice and a place to share their thoughts. Several experts have recommended this strategy to boost employee engagement as this gives the opportunity to the workforce to brainstorm and implement a sustainable initiative.

Ideas coming up during team meetings or otherwise can be sent to the Green Team which will collate and discuss them as and when required.


Appreciate the effort of employees

Appreciating the effort of your employees for coming up with new ideas and concepts goes a long way in uplifting morale and fosters engagement.

Presenting gifts to your employees is a good way to appreciate their efforts and with time you will find your workforce taking an active interest in these activities. It will not be a surprise if you find people going a step ahead and leading changes that contribute to the well-being of the society at large.

Bolstering employee engagement in sustainable activities takes time and effort. However, these initiatives benefit your organization in the long run by creating a productive workforce which brings efficiency across business operations.


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