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Top tips to master link building for your business website

As your online storefront, a website can help drive sales, connect with customers and build relationships with suppliers and vendors. All business owners want to improve the ranking of their website as a higher ranking means higher inbound traffic and more sales. However, Google ranks a page based on its relative authority. In modern SEO algorithms, it is the links that determine the authority.

Among all the components that constitute Google’s page ranking algorithm, link popularity contributes towards 22.33%. 37% of business owners are found to spend heavily on link building.Here are some of the tips that you can use for link building to your business website:


Using high-quality link directories for getting listed

To get recognized by search engines, it is important to first build trust and authority. The best way to achieve this is to get associated with sites and links that are considered to be trustworthy. As a starting point, you can get your business website listed in high-quality link directories like, Yahoo! Directory etc.


Press releases for PR sites

You can increase the popularity of the website by creating something that is newsworthy. Then the news can be disseminated through press releases submitted on PR websites like PRweb and PRnewswire. It is important to optimise the news content by making it relevant. It can be also parsed with offers, free trials etc., that motivate the reader to read through.


Sending beta invites

If you are marketing a web-based product such as an app or software, you can contact important bloggers in the IT niche and let them test the beta version. This would ensure good press coverage if the application is good enough and would help in getting strong links to your website. These bloggers could also provide valuable advice towards the further development of your product.


Free samples

In business, who you know can have a major impact on sales and revenues. Sending out a few free product samples to the influencers and thought leaders, can earn your brand instant traction with their audiences which could number in the millions. Endorsements by these influencers can help you in getting reach out to new users and generate higher traffic and quality links to your site.


Use social media

To increase the flow of visitors to your website via social media, it is important for you to create posts that are interesting. Your content needs to be engaging and should have the ability to draw the attention of audience. Rather than using click-bait strategies, it is always better to develop content that creates value for your audience. This will encourage them to get to know more about your product, resulting in good link influx to your website.


Create blogs

One way to generate links to your website is by blogging on fresh and trending topics. By having a steady flow of creative content that is updated regularly, the web crawlers (Google algorithms) start frequently indexing your website. An audience is created for your product in the process and there is also a substantial increase in backlinks to your website.


Patience pays

Effective link building is a long-term game. To increase the search engine rank of your website, you need to test various approaches in terms of content marketing and lead generation. No matter how effective your content strategy is, getting results takes time and patience.

It is thus worth investing in link building if you want to propel your website to the top position on the leader board. Link building is a key aspect of your overall marketing strategy which requires spending a fair amount of money.

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