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Top ways to supplement your income

With an increasing number of Indians unsatisfied with their income, coupled with the effects of inflation, there is a need for additional sources of income. You might need extra income to repay your loans, build an emergency corpus or meet your family’s daily needs.


There are many such opportunities through which you can raise some extra cash, whether to take care of necessities, pay your debts or to invest for the future. This ‘side hustle’ or ‘gig economy’ can be as vital as your main income for a healthy lifestyle.

So, here are few ways to earn some extra pennies and supplement your main income:


Go freelancing

Freelancing is one of the quickest ways to earn some extra money and also add to your work experience. If you have some extra time, there’s no harm in diversifying your work portfolio through freelancing. Employers are looking for everything from copywriters to graphic-designers, developers or SEO experts, wherever your skills may lie.



If you have a passion for writing or clicking photographs, blogging might be the way for you to earn a few extra pennies. There are plenty of free tools which can help you build and customize your blogging site. Once you create a following, you can start monetizing your content by demanding advertisements on your web page.


Organize a yard sale

Yard and garage sales are a great way to earn revenue. Just place an ad in your local newspaper or online classified websites and put your old house-hold items on sale. Apart from helping you to earn a little extra cash, it will also enable you to clean the clutter out of your house.


Try teaching

You don’t always need to be creative to explore extra income opportunities. Teaching and tutoring others is a flexible way to add to your finances while utilizing your leisure time. You’ll also get the opportunity to help others expand their horizons and learn something new.

Whether you’re a great piano player, sportsman, or possess any specialized skills, you can look out for many potential enthusiasts willing to learn the trade from you.


Expand your business

You can put your skill and creativity to use by expanding a current business or adding services to your portfolio to bring in more income. Vertically integrate with your channel partners to reduce costs while creating ample opportunities for income generation.


Financial institutions like Reliance Money can provide financial aid with Business Loans to help in buying inventory, space or infrastructure to set up your business and explore unending income opportunities.