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Trying to motivate your employees? Here are some cool ideas other than cash rewards

Employees are the backbone of every business organization. It’s success directly depends on how engaged the employees feel. Suman Das, a 26-year-old engineer working with a national company, performed quite well for the first 5 months of his tenure but soon after, his performance fell drastically.

After a meeting with the HR, he revealed that he felt undervalued because of the perceived attitude of management of the organisation.

According to a survey, 39% of employees feel under-appreciated at work, with 77% believing that they would work harder if they felt better recognized.

Extrinsic factors such as cash incentives and bonuses do not always appeal to the employees who seek emotional validation and encouragement.Here are few ideas, apart from the monetary rewards,about how you can keep your employees motivated to ensure maximum productivity:


Open Communication

While most employers recognise the value of management by walking around, employees may not always feel confident enough to voice their opinions. Managers need to spend time with their subordinates to gain their trust.

The informal grapevine often contributes to the spread of rumours, which if not addressed, can affect employee morale. Regular team meetings and one-on-one conversations can help address interpersonal issues and work-related difficulties faced by team members.

Nowadays, many organizations have an open-door policy where employees can approach their bosses directly.This encourages employees to offer feedback and suggestions to the management that can help the company perform better.


Special Facilities

Companies are paying attention to the changing demographics of society where certain sections have special needs such as single mothers, members of the LGBT community and disabled individuals etc.

It is important for the employers to provide adequate facilities such as in-house day care and disabled-friendly toilets. This ensures that specially-abled employees also feel valued and engaged at the workplace.

Food coupons, shopping vouchers and corporate gym memberships can also be provided to the employees which will boost their morale and contribute to a healthier workplace.


Public Appreciation

Psychologists say that the need for self actualization and growth is the primary factor behind human motivation. When their performance is publicly recognised and appreciated, employees get a healthy dose of validation and self-esteem.This not only encourages others but also contributes to a culture of excellence in the organisation.



As social dynamics change, maintaining work-life balance is becoming increasingly difficult.Employers can adopt flexible work schedules so that employees can manage their personal obligations and other life responsibilities. Additionally, it is a great way to help employees beat the stress and enhance productivity.



To create an engaged workforce, employers need to invest in training and development opportunities. Mentoring and in-house training programmes on topics such as email etiquette, business communication, time management, customer service etc. can make your employees more productive, engaged, and satisfied.

It is also crucial for the employees to get their wages on time to feel encouraged and motivated.