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Why your business needs a mobile-friendly website?

The importance of a website in today’s dynamic business environment is known to all. A gateway that gives people the first impression of your venture, having a website is a modern-day need.

However, the complexities of business coupled with the increase in the rise of mobile phones, particularly smartphones, has made it imperative for the development of mobile-friendly websites. Here are various reasons as to why you need a mobile-friendly website now more than ever before:


1. Mobile phones driving a huge share of traffic

Gone are the days when desktops were the primary traffic drivers for businesses. Today, a significant chunk of online traffic is generated through mobile phones. In 2017, 50.3% of website traffic generated worldwide were on mobile phones, up from 43.6% in 2016.

With mobile phones driving such a large volume of traffic, it’s imperative for you to have a website that adjusts itself as per the screen of the mobile phone. In fact, prominentsearch engines now consider mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor.


2. Improved user experience

With most of the information being searched online on a mobile phone, it’s imperative for you to have a mobile-optimised website for a pleasant user experience. The haphazard appearance of a webpage of a mobile device may force users to abandon the site altogether. In such a scenario, businesses may lose out on potential customers.

On the other hand, a mobile-optimised website goes a long way in improving user experience thereby boosting chances of increased sales and revenues in the long run.


3. Capture attention of users

A mobile-optimised website gives you more time to capture the attention of your users. With everything existing online, it’s all about timing. A website that can be easily navigated on cell phones with a clear interface is likely to capture the attention of users better.

More importantly, it gives you a chance to convert the visitors into customers, thus impacting bottom line revenues.An improved user experience is likely to generate more clicks and visits which improves ranking on search engines.


4. High social media shares

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives as well as businesses. A mobile-friendly website increases chances of high social media shares that ultimately boosts traffic and conversion. Today, most websites optimised for cell phones have social media sharing buttons, which make it easy for visitors to share the content of their choice.

High social media shares not only boost traffic but also helps in indirect promotion of your venture’s products and services. These benefits can only be achieved if your website is mobile-friendly.


Developing a mobile-friendly website

A mobile-friendly website is easy to develop these days. Today, there are various firms that render this service. You can either get your existing site into a mobile-friendly mode or develop a new site from scratch. Depending on the CMS used, and the amount of customisation needed, the cost can be anything from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.15 lakh.

Though it may be a little costly to develop a mobile-friendly website upfront, it entails lower maintenance cost as you don’t need to maintain separate sites for desktop and mobile.